Relocation Appraisals

A Relocation Appraisal is a complex and detail-focused report that distills down many different factors to come up with an Anticipated Sale Price. This is unlike standard residential appraisals, which use Market Value. This requires an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the local market, and the ability to forecast out to a specific period in time to determine what the property will sell for.

Comparison to other appraisers is an additional factor that makes Relocation Appraisals unique. It is typical for two appraisers to be enlisted to look at the same property. If the two Anticipated Sale Prices fall outside of a 5% spread, a third appraiser may be brought in. It is vital for appraisers who do this work to be available to respond to inquiries and requests for further information readily and professionally.

We work with Worldwide ERC to provide relocation appraisals for many types of residential properties within our market area.

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